How to Report

If you suspect Child Abuse, you are mandated (required) to report your suspicions according to North Carolina State Laws. To report suspected abuse, call 911 to speak with a police dispatcher or call the jurisdictional Department of Social Services below:

Reports of suspected child sexual abuse/child abuse:

Iredell County:

Iredell County Sheriff’s Office 704-878-3100
Mooresville Police Dept. 704-664-3311
Troutman Police Dept. 704-528-7610
Statesville Police Dept. 704-878-3406
Iredell Department of Social Services at 704-873-5631

Alexander County:

Alexander County Sheriff’s Office at 828-632-2911
Taylorsville Police Dept. 828-632-2218
Alexander Department of Social Services at 828-632-1080

Call 911 immediately if the child is in imminent danger.

Please use the following as a guideline.

  • DO make sure the child remains in a safe environment
  • DO listen to the child
  • DO make a report
  • DO NOT try to investigate
  • DO NOT confront the abuser

What to Expect After You Call:

(Please use this as a guideline.  Every situation is unique and will be treated as the professionals involved deem it necessary in the best interest of the child.)

The Police Department and/or Department of Social Services (DSS) will, based on their protocols, determine the best plan of protection for the victim and under what time frame.  DSS and/or the police investigator may make a home visit to interview members of the household to gather further information.

If the investigative agency(ies) deem it appropriate to open a case file and allegations include alleged child sexual abuse, they will contact Dove House to begin the process of contacting non-offending guardian and schedule a visit to Dove House for case initiation and a forensic interview.  (Suspected child abuse cases not involving sexual abuse allegations will remain within the investigative agency(ies) and not be referred to Dove House.)

If you would like to discuss the reporting process with a Victim Advocate, please call Dove House at 704-883-9814.

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